Video Assisted Discipleship

These online discipleship lessons are provided courtesy of Stay Up Higher Ministries. Dr. Greg Burts and Janet Prince are the featured teachers of the 23 Treasures of Truth video lessons.

This teaching is very accessible for any person at any point in their walk with Christ. We suggest the following study path. If you want to study here online on your own, download the Treasures Of Truth Notebook in PDF here. Each of these treasures will take you into God’s Word for understanding. Remember to give time each day for the teaching of the Holy Spirit. Upon completion of each treasure, then view the DVD or listen to the CD of Janet’s or Greg’s teachings of that Treasure for further teaching.

We highly recommend when doing the individual study path, that you do them in order as listed.  Think of them as building blocks.  Each treasure will strategically build on the one before it. The transformation comes about in the walking out of these truths in your life. Be sure to watch for these opportunities of application that will inevitably come your way! May God bless you as you grow in the knowledge of Him.


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